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Even the most basic of bots that perform rudimentary, repetitive tasks such as assembly line packaging use some form of software.  Though Artificial Intelligence is considered by many to be more than just simply a program that assists a bot in it’s ability to interact with it’s environment, all can agree that AI encompasses any software program that utilizes an algorithm, logic tree (if then) or any other system that empowers the robot to make an independent decision based on an event that has occurred, or an order that has been given. 


arrow Idaho National Laboratory (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.inl.gov
Description: INL is working to develop a new class of robotic systems that can adjust their level of autonomy on the fly, leveraging their own intrinsic intelligence to meet whatever level of control is handed down from the user. These robots operate from a wide variety of platforms - from all-terrain vehicles to submersible robots or even whole colonies or "swarms" of interactive robots, each smaller than a human hand. Machine intelligence and adaptation begins with robust real-world sensing. INL is focusing on developing sensor-rich robots and fusion algorithms that enable the robots to fully "experience" and "understand" the environment. INL-engineered robotic systems combine refined sensing capabilities with one or more mechanical means to respond.

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arrow Parallax, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.parallax.com

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arrow CCSRobotics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.ccsrobotics.com
Description: I will update when i have more time

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arrow Lynxmotion, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.lynxmotion.com
Description: I founded Lynxmotion in 1995, due to a fascination with robotics and a frustration with the available robot-based kits. We have made a serious commitment to manufacture and distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. Our commitment to quality has made the Lynxmotion series of robot kits soar to the top, and we intend to keep them there. Our kits are in use teaching many aspects of robotics all over the world. These are not "toys", but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though. Our laser cutting is done on-site, which means we have direct control of the quality of the parts. The robot designs use custom anodized aluminum and injection molded components. These custom parts enhance the performance, while making the kits much easier to assemble. To ensure you get everything you paid for, all of our parts bags are verified with state-of-the-art counting scales.

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arrow RoboRealm (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.roborealm.com/
Description: RoboRealm is an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems. Using an easy point and click interface RoboRealm simplifies vision programming! Using an inexpensive usb webcam and the PC you already have you can now add machine vision to your robotic projects! Highlights include: * free to download * easy to use GUI interface * hundreds of image processing functions * fully supported server based API * many integrated hardware devices * supports multiple image sources (IEEE 1394 firewire, webcam, movie files, web images, etc.) * numerous integration avenues with other applications including custom extensions * active online forum with help from the experts

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arrow MobileRobots Inc (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.MobileRobots.com
Description: MobileRobots Inc assists robot developers, manufacturers, integrators and value-added resellers by supplying autonomous systems, including autonomous base platforms, autonomy kits and related software. Our autonomous systems include: localization, navigation, mapping and automated re-mapping, customizable situational responses (what should the robot say when it's trapped?), I/O, networking utilities, installation software and training manual, fleet management appliance and fleet simulator options, real-time remote command GUI, enterprise integration, machine-to-machine or machine-to-human interfaces, easy calls from user software, and much more.

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arrow Robai (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.robai.com
Description: Robai manufactures Cyton robot arms for automating light duty tasks. They combine versatile mechanical designs with graphical robot tasking software developed for high-end robots by Energid Technologies. The result is an easy-to-use robotic manipulator for industry, home, entertainment, and research. You can plug it into a PC, configure it, and start work in under 30 minutes.

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arrow Aldebaran Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/eng
Description: Aldebaran Robotics is a Paris based start up ans European Leader in Humanoid Robotics. Nao, its first product is a 23 inches tall humanoid robot, fully autonomous and full of sensors. Aldebaran started to sell Nao Academics edition in 2008, a platform dedicated to research and educational purposes

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arrow Wany Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.wanyrobotics.com

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arrow Roboutique Corp (more info)

Country: | Website: www.Roboutique.com
Description: Roboutique brings cutting edge technologies from the space, military and medical sectors to the general public.

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arrow RoadNarrows Robotics (more info)

Country: | Website: http://roadnarrowsrobotics.com/
Description: RoadNarrows Robotics is the primary business of RoadNarrows LLC, a Colorado, U.S.A. based company. RoadNarrows specializes in robotics and sensors for the research and education markets. We sell and provide technical support for some of the most popular robotic product lines and sensors accepted by the academic community. In addition, our R&D team is developing open-interface hardware and software robotic solutions. We are the US source for the Khepera robot line by K-Team, e-pucks, Wany's Pekee II robots, POB-robots, Cyberbotics Webots, Hagisonic sensors, CogniMem-based systems, the RoboSight, and more.

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arrow K-Team S. A. (more info)

Country: Switzerland | Website: http://www.k-team.com
Description: K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research. The Khepera and Koala platforms are now a standard for academic research, while the Hemisson and K-Junior robots are designed for teachers and hobbyists. The KoreBot Linecard based on the KoreBot Linux advanced miniature single board controller is a perfect solution for Automation and custom robotics developments. The company's experience in the field of autonomous mobile robotics applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world. K-Team Solutions have been successfully deployed in over 500 universities and industrial research centers in the world.

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arrow Pat Williams (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.none.com

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