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PowerBattery life determines the length & strength of autonomy.  There are several power systems available on the market today, from high-end power systems that couple AI with stationary recharging bases for continuous autonomous operation, to the exceptionally frugal one time batteries used by the hobbyist on a budget. 



arrow Robot Power (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.robotpower.com
Description: Robot Power is a small company providing electronic motor controls to the robot industry, academia, and general industry. Our motor controls are small and robust and intended for experimenters, security and inspection robots, industrial actuators, and other uses where small size and high power density are needed. Please check our Web site for complete product details.

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Country: USA | Website: www.ccsrobotics.com
Description: I will update when i have more time

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arrow Lynxmotion, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.lynxmotion.com
Description: I founded Lynxmotion in 1995, due to a fascination with robotics and a frustration with the available robot-based kits. We have made a serious commitment to manufacture and distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. Our commitment to quality has made the Lynxmotion series of robot kits soar to the top, and we intend to keep them there. Our kits are in use teaching many aspects of robotics all over the world. These are not "toys", but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though. Our laser cutting is done on-site, which means we have direct control of the quality of the parts. The robot designs use custom anodized aluminum and injection molded components. These custom parts enhance the performance, while making the kits much easier to assemble. To ensure you get everything you paid for, all of our parts bags are verified with state-of-the-art counting scales.

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arrow Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.nwuav.com
Description: Northwest UAV Propulsion Systems builds engines and support systems for any propulsion need. We pride ourselves on our turn-key solutions.. If it can be designed, NW UAV can build it. Our systems include solutions for unmanned vehicles of all types - in the air on land and in the water. At NWUAV we offer more than just engines, we build UAV control systems. Ink-jet Fuel Injection;cutting edge fuel efficiency using patented HP technology exclusive to NW UAV. Laser-sinter systems: manufacturing of lightweight products of any complexity from polyamide or polystyrene materials directly from CAD data.

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arrow Global Robots Ltd (more info)

Country: United Kingdom | Website: www.globalrobots.com
Description: Global Robots Ltd are wholesalers of used and new industrial robots and robotic systems. Specialising in ABB robots, we also sell robots by Motoman, Fanuc, Kuka and Universal Robots. We are UK based but have stocks in the USA and throughout Europe. We supply many industry sectors in all parts of the world. We believe that robotics should be cheap, simple and affordable. Automation for every nation!

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arrow Robotic Power Solutions (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.battlepack.com
Description: We provide battery pack solutions for multiple applications; Industrial, Military, Manufacturing, Filming, Robotics, Racing and many others

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arrow c-Link Systems, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.c-linksystems.com

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Robots: Forager-ARV

arrow Roberts Robots (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.RobertsRobots.com
Description: Roberts Robots was founded on tough, military grade hardware, which could be filtered in to civilian applications after serving its country in battle.

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arrow roper resources ltd (more info)

Country: Canada | Website: www:RoperResources.com
Description: N. Amrican rep for SAAB Seaeye and LYYN AB

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arrow Wany Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.wanyrobotics.com

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arrow The Robot MarketPlace (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.robotmarketplace.com
Description: The Robot MarketPlace is your one-stop robot shop, from motors and batteries to RC systems and software. We have what you need for anything from sumo and combat robots, to law enforcement and military applications.

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arrow Trossen Robotics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.trossenrobotics.com
Description: Providing customers with a one stop robot shop and superior customer service since 2005. No matter if you're looking for robot kits, robot parts, or educational robotics, Trossen Robotics has what you need! To get the latest up-to-date news in the Robotics world or to check out the latest product releases, visit the Trossen Robotics Blog. To join in on some exciting discussions on robotics and see what all the buzz is about, check out the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC); one of the most active and friendly robotics communities online.

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