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PowerPlatforms range greatly in not just size and shape, but philosophy as well depending on the mission.  Bi-pedal locomotion platforms are designed for the humanoid applications, while multi-legged platforms are used for extreme planetary conditions, such as volcanic explorations.  Military and space robots favor tracked systems, while hospital, home security and industrial robots utilize the standard multi-wheeled configuration. 


arrow Trident World Systems, Inc (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.tridentworldsystems.com

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arrow Micro-Star Intl Co Ltd (more info)

Country: Taiwan | Website: http://www.msi.com.tw
Description: Micro-Star specializes in AI Software - mostly system integration. With over 1800 employees worldwide, and sales over $2.1 billion, Micro-Star is clearly a leader in the industry.

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arrow CCSRobotics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.ccsrobotics.com
Description: I will update when i have more time

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arrow Lynxmotion, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.lynxmotion.com
Description: I founded Lynxmotion in 1995, due to a fascination with robotics and a frustration with the available robot-based kits. We have made a serious commitment to manufacture and distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. Our commitment to quality has made the Lynxmotion series of robot kits soar to the top, and we intend to keep them there. Our kits are in use teaching many aspects of robotics all over the world. These are not "toys", but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though. Our laser cutting is done on-site, which means we have direct control of the quality of the parts. The robot designs use custom anodized aluminum and injection molded components. These custom parts enhance the performance, while making the kits much easier to assemble. To ensure you get everything you paid for, all of our parts bags are verified with state-of-the-art counting scales.

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arrow Engineering Services Inc. (more info)

Country: Canada | Website: www.esit.com

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arrow The Shadow Robot Company (more info)

Country: United Kingdom | Website: www.shadowrobot.com
Description: The Shadow Robot Company specialises in humanoid robotics. Over the last 5 years they developed and continue to produce one of the worlds most dexterous robot hands. Commercial applications for this technology range from working in space to bomb disposal. Using this experience and expertise they also provide a comprehensive design and prototype service.

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arrow misteRoboto (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.misteroboto.com
Description: At misteRoboto we carry many ready-to-ship Meka but specialize in creating custom robotics and Meka creations for clients around the world.

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arrow MobileRobots Inc (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.MobileRobots.com
Description: MobileRobots Inc assists robot developers, manufacturers, integrators and value-added resellers by supplying autonomous systems, including autonomous base platforms, autonomy kits and related software. Our autonomous systems include: localization, navigation, mapping and automated re-mapping, customizable situational responses (what should the robot say when it's trapped?), I/O, networking utilities, installation software and training manual, fleet management appliance and fleet simulator options, real-time remote command GUI, enterprise integration, machine-to-machine or machine-to-human interfaces, easy calls from user software, and much more.

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arrow RedZone Robotics, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.redzone.com

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arrow Robai (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.robai.com
Description: Robai manufactures Cyton robot arms for automating light duty tasks. They combine versatile mechanical designs with graphical robot tasking software developed for high-end robots by Energid Technologies. The result is an easy-to-use robotic manipulator for industry, home, entertainment, and research. You can plug it into a PC, configure it, and start work in under 30 minutes.

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arrow c-Link Systems, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.c-linksystems.com

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Robots: Forager-ARV

arrow Motoman, Inc (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.motoman.com
Description: Motoman delivers innovative robotic automation solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application, including arc welding, assembly, clean room, coating, dispensing, material cutting (laser, plasma, waterjet), material handling (diecast, machine loading, packaging, palletizing, part transfer, press tending), material removal (deburring, polishing, sanding) and spot welding. Our product line includes more than 175 distinct robot models and 40 fully integrated pre-engineered "World" solutions that are complete application specific work cells, including robot, process equipment and safety equipment.

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arrow Aldebaran Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/eng
Description: Aldebaran Robotics is a Paris based start up ans European Leader in Humanoid Robotics. Nao, its first product is a 23 inches tall humanoid robot, fully autonomous and full of sensors. Aldebaran started to sell Nao Academics edition in 2008, a platform dedicated to research and educational purposes

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arrow Robodyssey Systems, LLC (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.robodyssey.com

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arrow Roberts Robots (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.RobertsRobots.com
Description: Roberts Robots was founded on tough, military grade hardware, which could be filtered in to civilian applications after serving its country in battle.

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arrow Wany Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.wanyrobotics.com

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arrow The Robot MarketPlace (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.robotmarketplace.com
Description: The Robot MarketPlace is your one-stop robot shop, from motors and batteries to RC systems and software. We have what you need for anything from sumo and combat robots, to law enforcement and military applications.

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arrow Boston Dynamics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.BostonDynamics.com
Description: Boston Dynamics is an engineering company that specializes in building dynamic robots and software. The company creates a variety of innovative robots, including BigDog, a quadruped robot for travel on rough-terrain, PETMAN, an anthropomorphic robot for testing equipment, RISE, a robot that climbs vertical surfaces, SquishBot, a shape-changing chemical robot that moves through tight space, and many others. The company also develops tools for human simulation. DI-Guy is a human simulation product used for simulation-based training, UAV training, law-enforcement training, mission-planning and many other applications. DI-Guy has become the defacto standard for human simulation as used in military applications; it is used by leading organizations world-wide, including the all branches of the US Armed Forces. Digital Biomechanics is a physics-based human simulation product used to design and evaluate equipment used on the human body, such as backpacks, helmets, body armor and the like.

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arrow Trossen Robotics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.trossenrobotics.com
Description: Providing customers with a one stop robot shop and superior customer service since 2005. No matter if you're looking for robot kits, robot parts, or educational robotics, Trossen Robotics has what you need! To get the latest up-to-date news in the Robotics world or to check out the latest product releases, visit the Trossen Robotics Blog. To join in on some exciting discussions on robotics and see what all the buzz is about, check out the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC); one of the most active and friendly robotics communities online.

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arrow RoadNarrows Robotics (more info)

Country: | Website: http://roadnarrowsrobotics.com/
Description: RoadNarrows Robotics is the primary business of RoadNarrows LLC, a Colorado, U.S.A. based company. RoadNarrows specializes in robotics and sensors for the research and education markets. We sell and provide technical support for some of the most popular robotic product lines and sensors accepted by the academic community. In addition, our R&D team is developing open-interface hardware and software robotic solutions. We are the US source for the Khepera robot line by K-Team, e-pucks, Wany's Pekee II robots, POB-robots, Cyberbotics Webots, Hagisonic sensors, CogniMem-based systems, the RoboSight, and more.

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arrow K-Team S. A. (more info)

Country: Switzerland | Website: http://www.k-team.com
Description: K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research. The Khepera and Koala platforms are now a standard for academic research, while the Hemisson and K-Junior robots are designed for teachers and hobbyists. The KoreBot Linecard based on the KoreBot Linux advanced miniature single board controller is a perfect solution for Automation and custom robotics developments. The company's experience in the field of autonomous mobile robotics applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world. K-Team Solutions have been successfully deployed in over 500 universities and industrial research centers in the world.

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arrow MechRC (more info)

Country: United Kingdom | Website: www.mechrc.com
Description: MechRC provides innovative entry level humanoid robots for the domestic and educational markets. MechRC robots are designed to be user friendly and work "out of the box", whilst still providing hardened robot fanatics with the facility to expand the robots in terms of their construction and functionality.

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