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arrow Robot Power (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.robotpower.com
Description: Robot Power is a small company providing electronic motor controls to the robot industry, academia, and general industry. Our motor controls are small and robust and intended for experimenters, security and inspection robots, industrial actuators, and other uses where small size and high power density are needed. Please check our Web site for complete product details.

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arrow Robotics & Things (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.roboticsandthings.com
Description: ROBOTICS & THINGS was established in 1995 as a Distributor for ROBOTIX, the Space-Age, Motorized, Modular Building System (Battery-operated Platform) created by Milton-Bradley in 1984. These ROBOTIX Educational Learning Toys were developed for Elementary/Middle School aged Children and use by Educational Institutions, Space Centers, Museums (Science, Children's, Air/Flight, Earth/Space, Etc), Camps, Groups and Organizations worldwide. ROBOTIX developed with National Science Standards (USA) in mind and the ROBOTIX Parts Catalog allows for project individuality and is multi-functional with the use of Motors, Controllers, Cables and numerous Misc Parts. ALL Parts are fully expandable and interchangeable with all ROBOTIX Parts dating from 1984. Time & Motion opportunities in our Education Sets allow for Goals and Objectives to be created by setting Tasks and the Kids will have an opportunity to realize the importance of Math, Science and Technology.

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arrow Lynxmotion, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.lynxmotion.com
Description: I founded Lynxmotion in 1995, due to a fascination with robotics and a frustration with the available robot-based kits. We have made a serious commitment to manufacture and distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. Our commitment to quality has made the Lynxmotion series of robot kits soar to the top, and we intend to keep them there. Our kits are in use teaching many aspects of robotics all over the world. These are not "toys", but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though. Our laser cutting is done on-site, which means we have direct control of the quality of the parts. The robot designs use custom anodized aluminum and injection molded components. These custom parts enhance the performance, while making the kits much easier to assemble. To ensure you get everything you paid for, all of our parts bags are verified with state-of-the-art counting scales.

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arrow Global Robots Ltd (more info)

Country: United Kingdom | Website: www.globalrobots.com
Description: Global Robots Ltd are wholesalers of used and new industrial robots and robotic systems. Specialising in ABB robots, we also sell robots by Motoman, Fanuc, Kuka and Universal Robots. We are UK based but have stocks in the USA and throughout Europe. We supply many industry sectors in all parts of the world. We believe that robotics should be cheap, simple and affordable. Automation for every nation!

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arrow Galileo Mobility Instruments (GMI) (more info)

Country: Israel | Website: www.galileomobility.com
Description: Founded in 1999, Galileo Mobility Instruments (GMI) develops and licenses a unique mobility platform with one of the smallest maneuverability to size ratios. The platform is based on the proprietary Galileo Wheel which enables the instant switching between wheels and tracks allowing the use of wheels when possible for speed, energy efficiency, smooth ride, maneuverability, and tracks when needed for climbing up and down stairs, overcoming obstacles, towing capability and rough terrain. The technology is applied with the Elbit VIPeR for military and is in development in several other areas. GMI is also engaged in research and development for applications in construction, farm machinery, heavy trucks, stair climbing wheelchairs and personal robots.

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arrow Wany Robotics (more info)

Country: France | Website: http://www.wanyrobotics.com

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arrow Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.industrialrobotix.com
Description: Industrial Robot Supply, Inc. - Robotic Systems Integrators for new and used robotic MIG welding, Material Handling, and Palletizing Systems. We carry a large used robot inventory and used / surplus parts. We repair robots, refurbish robots, and fix parts. We are your one stop industrial robot source! We specialize in robotic system integration, and value-added services. We have the knowledge and expertise for your automation needs! We are experienced both in the field, and with technical support. We can save you tens of thousands of dollars over new equipment pricing - allowing you to minimize your automation investment. Our systems are built to last. Our systems work. Our people know what they are doing. We have experience in Robotic Systems Integration, Engineering, Robot refurbishing, Part repair, Robotic Arc Welding, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Assembly, Service, Programming, and Operator Training.

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arrow The Robot MarketPlace (more info)

Country: USA | Website: http://www.robotmarketplace.com
Description: The Robot MarketPlace is your one-stop robot shop, from motors and batteries to RC systems and software. We have what you need for anything from sumo and combat robots, to law enforcement and military applications.

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arrow Valentine Robotics Inc. (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.valentinerobotics.com
Description: Systems integration, automation and robotic systems, to remove non-value-added-labor, reduce scrape, increase throughput, and create trace ability. We specialize in machine vision, 2D and 3D robotic guidance, material handling, part processing, palletizing Custom robot and controls training and curriculum development. Classes can be delivered at our site or yours using suitcase PLC and mobile robot training cells. Long and Short term contract services- engineers, programmers and technicians for robotics and controls engineering support. North American Distributor of Scorpion Vision Software We develop solutions for all application types. We have integrator partner opportunities available, for a free trial version visit: http://scorpionvision.com/43.html North American Distributor for Inropa OLP Robot Simulation Software Auto generation of motion paths and user-friendly programming allow for fast development of constant motion robot applications.

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arrow Trossen Robotics (more info)

Country: USA | Website: www.trossenrobotics.com
Description: Providing customers with a one stop robot shop and superior customer service since 2005. No matter if you're looking for robot kits, robot parts, or educational robotics, Trossen Robotics has what you need! To get the latest up-to-date news in the Robotics world or to check out the latest product releases, visit the Trossen Robotics Blog. To join in on some exciting discussions on robotics and see what all the buzz is about, check out the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC); one of the most active and friendly robotics communities online.

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